Posts Collection on Innovation, August 21-23

And... What is «Innovation»? Why do we talk about it so much?

Do we need it? What can the innovation do for us?

Some answers that I have read these days are:

Innovation does not mean «unique», says Andrew Reid. Then, if you want to be innovator as a way of differentiation, forget it! (Innovating is to live, simply!) Well, he says many things from his experience and I like that he think about the customer and the companies. In summary – Data are not the way. You can have your customer in your mind but out of the effect of your activity.

Frédéric Dufays and Benjamin Huybrechts remind us that the new enterprises have a collective nature to accept the complex challenge to run our society.

In Canada, the goals of innovation in its important cattle sector focus on costs and, above all, on quality by investment on scientific research.

A great innovation speaks Spanish and Portuguese – Is the Red Latinoamericana Contra el Trabajo Infantil, Latin-American Network against Child Labour. This network pursues to achieve the roadmap established by the Global Child Labour Conference in The Hague, at May 2010.

Murilo Ferreira manages the Brazilian great mining company Vale and the innovation that he brought was the simplicity. Only three priorities take up his efforts. These decisions are wise and their colleagues celebrate it as the way to revert the excesses of the business in the past.

In Portugal, Daniel Deusdado claims for opportunities and employment for the digital natives. His article is worthy to read, poetic and realistic!

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