«LCBO researching new ideas in downtown Kitchener»

«The presence of the innovation labs “helps startups grow, it validates the ideas, it helps them get to scale faster,” said Craig Haney, director of corporate innovation at Communitech. “And in many cases it is a more cost-effective and efficient way for big companies to solve their problems rather than building it themselves.”

»In addition to new technology and direct access to a pool of talented developers, the companies also learn about open and collaborative ways of working, Haney said. Big companies must be ambidextrous, pursuing what has traditionally made profits while also looking for new technology to sustain those profits into the future, he said.

»“Working in those labs, getting outside the corporate walls and away from the constraints of 'that's-not-how-we-do-things' provides that great chance to be different, yet focus on the things they have to do,” Haney said.»

By Terry Pender. Waterloo Region Record. [read all]

Innovation and ideas

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