«Rethinking the Discourses of Higher Education Innovation»

«Anyone who reads the vast, rapidly expanding literature on innovation in higher education will be struck by the pervasiveness of certain discourses and tropes. Three stand out.

»The Discourse of Crisis [...]

»The Discourse of Disruption [...]

»The Discourse of Techno-Transformation [...]

»What, then, can be done to address the innovation challenges and cost pressures that institutions face?

»One proposed solution is a differentiated system of higher education, with distinct student profiles receiving an education better tailored to their needs, life circumstances, and aspirations. [...]

»Another proposed solution: Increased funding for institutions that serve larger number of low-income students. [...]

»A third approach, which might be particularly well-suited for broad-access institutions, is to devise more optimized, coherent curricula, with a greater emphasis on skills development (including a greater emphasis on writing skills and numeracy) and better alignment with workforce needs. [...]

»A fourth option focuses on better serving untapped markets. [...]»

Steven Mintz. Inside Higher Ed. [read all]

Innovation and discourses

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