«New app Perspecs News challenges readers' belief systems - by offering THREE sides to every story»

Daily Mirror @DailyMirror

«A new free app from Trinity Mirror is exposing fake news while encouraging users to challenge their belief systems on vital issues.

»Perspecs News is an app with a supporting website - that gives its audience a side-by-side, real-time view of global news by offering three sides to every story.

»Whether it be the conversations happening among the world’s political parties or a debate surrounding the issue of homosexuality in Dr Who, Perspecs looks at it three-dimensionally. It’s up to readers to examine the angles and decide for themselves.

»Launched in beta last year, Perspecs – now available as both an Apple and Android app - has had a major upgrade over the last few months and provides a far richer experience than the original prototype. It puts out a seven-day news service and employs three journalists, who write and collate.»

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