«Sapho raises $14M to turn old enterprise software into modern apps»

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«While most other application development startups focus on streamlining greenfield software projects, Sapho Inc. is working to help companies make better use of their existing investments.

»The three-year-old firm entered the industry spotlight today after securing a $14 million investment led by a low-key San Francisco fund called Caffeinated Capital. Sapho will spend the money on hiring more salespeople and developing new features for its Modern Portal Experience platform. The offering enables technology professionals to make their companies’ aging internal software accessible through apps with a modern user interface.

»Sapho claims that its approach provides several major benefits. First, apps created in MXP can run on almost everything from mobile devices to messaging services, which removes the need for workers to stay glued to their office workstations. And second, the platform enables companies to customize each client based for the intended users.

»An insurer, for instance, could create a mobile client for its customer relationship management software that notifies salespeople when a new enterprise customer buys a plan. It would also be possible to create a separate app for the accounting team to let them easily access the information they need to handle the administrative aspect of deals.

»Sapho’s platform is proving useful in numerous other areas as well. The startup claims to have doubled its customer base last year while seeing a more than 320 percent increase in revenue. TechCrunch cited anonymous sources as saying Sapho’s rapid growth peaked the interest of Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. along the way, leading them both to bring up the possibility of a buyout.

»Today’s funding round seems to suggest the startup will continue to operate independently for a while longer. Besides Caffeinated Capital, the investment included contributions from Bloomberg Beta, Felicis Ventures, Alsop Louie Partners, SoftTech VC, Morado Ventures and AME Cloud. The investment should help Sapho maintain its momentum amid competition from the likes of Capriza Inc., which raised a $23 million round led by Andreessen Horowitz last year to drive demand for its competing application platform.

Today, Sapho officially unveiled the Sapho Micro App Platform, which allows organizations to transform existing business systems into secure micro apps that connect people with important data and critical workflows. Dozens of organizations are already using Sapho’s Micro App Platform, including CBS Interactive, Kubernetes, RPX Corporation and Turner.

»Sapho introduces industry’s first micro app platform, ushers in new generation of enterprise workflows

»Today, Sapho officially unveiled the Sapho Micro App Platform, which allows organizations to transform existing business systems into secure micro apps that connect people with important data and critical workflows. Dozens of organizations are already using Sapho’s Micro App Platform, including CBS Interactive, Kubernetes, RPX Corporation and Turner.

»“We have multiple teams who all work in different silos, which means information is spread across hundreds of systems,” said Wolfgang Hammer, CEO of Super Deluxe, a Turner Broadcasting Company. “This information sprawl makes it difficult to keep teams on top of critical production timelines. We used tracking apps and software, but they were clunky, slow, and often left out key data. By adopting Sapho, we were able to quickly unify data across all of our systems and deliver actionable updates to our team via simple, single-purpose apps. Now we have a complete 360 view of every project from production schedule to finance to marketing execution. The technology has made such a difference that we are already evaluating how we can use it across other parts of the Turner family.”

»Consumer apps like Facebook and Google have shifted the traditional pull computing paradigm that required users to purposefully seek out information to a new push computing era that brings together custom feeds, actionable push notifications, and real-time information to deliver value to a user before they know they need something. Enterprise software, including SaaS applications, hasn’t kept up as today’s workflows require an employee to fish for disparate data spread across an ever-increasing collection of systems. This has become even more pronounced as we move into the mobile era where users demand simplicity.

»Sapho changes this process with simple, single-purpose micro apps that monitor for changes and events across SaaS applications, on-premises systems, databases, and data warehouses, and then delivers personalized information, actionable push notifications, and one-click tasks to employees on their mobile device, web browser, or messaging client such as Slack.

»“I’ve seen first-hand how difficult it can be to get employees to use enterprise software as most of it is simply unusable,” said Fouad ElNaggar, CEO and co-founder of Sapho. “Companies have spent trillions of dollars on enterprise software over the last few decades, yet employees are still plagued with feature-bloated apps and siloed systems that leave data fragmented or inaccessible. Push computing is the future of enterprise software, which is why we introduced the Sapho Micro App Platform, so enterprises can adapt to this reality and keep their employees informed, engaged, and productive.”

»Sapho completed its $9.5 million Series A round, led by Alsop Louie Partners, to expand its sales and marketing team while continuing to scale its technology and meet increasing customer demand.

»“We invested in Sapho because the company can truly change how work is done,” said Bill Coleman, CEO of Veritas and former Partner at Alsop Louie Partners. “By combining smart machines, bots, workflows, and micro apps to fundamentally change how people accomplish tasks and get information, we believe Sapho represents a massive leap forward in enterprise software.”

»The future of work. Delivered today.

»The Sapho Micro App Platform allows organizations to build micro apps that are based on existing systems, monitor for important changes and events, and then surface actionable information through simple one-click tasks and custom feeds to each employee. Sapho’s platform introduces features including:

»Rapid micro app development — IT professionals, business analysts, and process experts can leverage Sapho’s pre-built micro app templates or create new micro apps in minutes with a simple to use, drag-and-drop micro app builder. Micro apps are instantly delivered to employees on any device through a downloadable app, a web browser, or a messaging client.

»Out of the box integration — To reduce development time, Sapho includes pre-built, customizable connectors to systems of record, such as SaaS apps, databases, data warehouses, and internal web services. These connectors are designed to extract, transform, and prepare data for employee notification (ETN).

»Event-based notifications — Once integrated, Sapho sits across these systems of record and monitors for system events – changes that occurred or should have occurred. Based on micro app rules, Sapho determines which events are important and notifies the right employees at the right time.

»Custom workflows — The Sapho connectors also integrate data from the systems of record. This allows IT to build micro apps for both simple one-click tasks to complex workflows that involves multiple systems and multiple constituencies for completion. These micro apps push information to employees’ devices, allowing them to complete a task from their feed or secure micro app, without any secondary system logins.

»Secure and flexible deployment — Sapho’s Micro App Platform runs on existing infrastructure, either in your data center or in your virtual private cloud, and integrates with existing identity and access control solutions to maintain security.»

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