These fantastic four superheroes of digital transformation are finally earning their stripes | Dan Hartveld, @CIOonline

«The theories are sound, the strategies are clear, the plans are robust – from a purely ideological perspective, CIOs in retail have all the evidence they need to round up their data and put it to work in the digital stores which are fast becoming the only way to ensure success in a tech-enabled industry.

But, as the saying goes, an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory, and it can be tricky to clear the commitment hurdle without some pretty compelling evidence to prove your business case for transformation. As with all emerging business concepts, retailers who aren’t prepared to take the long view rely on those who are more forward-thinking to take the risks and make the case for them.

Fortunately for the more cautious CIOs, the early adopters and pioneers who saw what was happening to the industry and decided to take a leap of faith are now seeing some solid results coming from four fundamental initiatives: omnichannel, on-demand fulfillment, personalization and core capabilities – the results are in and they’re robust enough to convince even the most risk-averse CIOs.»

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